Our church celebrates freedom of belief and
welcomes individuals and families of all backgrounds
and faiths. Unitarian Universalism does not advocate
a particular creed. We come together because of our
shared commitment to values and to ways of living,
not to religious dogma. See “What Is UU?” for more
about the long history and tradition of Unitarian
Universalism. The Strafford Universalist Society is
the second oldest in Vermont and fourth oldest in
the nation. Though the society was dormant for
several years in the 1980s and 1990s, we are now
growing again, meeting in the “new” church built in
1833 in South Strafford. We hope you will join us.


Sunday, May 6, 10 AM at Barrett Hall
A Grand Embrace – Who Can Save the Earth?
led by Rev. Telos Whitfield.
There have been people pursuing a mystical path in every spiritual tradition
for centuries. Their insights and openness to the world beyond our senses offers a freedom that is needed more today than ever before. Together with humanists and activists whose focus is here, working with hands and hearts, we have an intimate and grand embrace!


Saturday, May 19, 10 AM – Noon

Volunteers needed for the annual spring cleaning of our beautiful church building and moving of books etc. from Barrett Hall to prepare for our June 3 Annual Meeting.


Sunday, May 20, 10 AM still at Barrett Hall
Sharing the S.A.G.E. Process
led by Dr. Dick Whitfield.
This is a process to explore an idea or problem and find an ideal solution. Come ready for an inspiring hands-on exploration that will offer you unexpected results!

Dick W.has a doctorate in engineering and spent his career developing and producing metal spray torches; but he loves his flowers and vegetables, and supporting people in finding their “bird in hand!”



Supporting the U.U.S.C. – It is never too late to make
your Guest At Your Table donation. Contributions
for the work of the Unitarian Universalist Service
Committee can be made on-line anytime:


A 2017 UUSC story of hope highlighted the work of
Ursula Rakova, helping her fellow islanders on the
Carteret Islands of Papua New Guinea maintain
dignity and keep their culture alive, in the face of
re-location due to climate change. Throughout its
history, UUSC has advanced human rights and social
justice around the world, partnering with those who
confront unjust power structures and mobilizing to
challenge oppressive policies. Let us continue to be
inspired by this work and support efforts that create
lasting and powerful change.


Click the following link for the latest newsletter:
May 2018 Newsletter, Universalist Society of Strafford