Our church celebrates freedom of belief and welcomes individuals and families of all backgounds and faiths. Unitarian Universalism does not advocate a particular creed. We come together because of our shared commitment to values and to ways of living, not to religious dogma. See “What Is UU?” for more about the long history and tradition of Unitarian Universalism.

The Strafford Universalist Society is the second oldest in Vermont and fourth oldest in the nation. Though the society was dormant for several years in the 1980s and 1990s, we are now growing again, meeting in the “new” church built in 1833 in South Strafford.We hope you will join us.



Sunday, July 2nd, 10am. “Laughter, Iced Tea, and Interdependence” led by Rev. Telos Whitfield.
Can we ever truly be independent? Who picks the leaves that become the tea we drink? What brings a smile and lightens our load? How do our actions impact other people, creatures, and the environment? Sharing the lighter moments, drinking our tea and moving toward interdependence…


Sunday, July 23rd, 10am. “Practicing Practical Wisdom: How we learn to make ethical choices in our everyday lives”
This will be a talk and discussion led by Ken Sharpe, a professor at Swarthmore College who is currently teaching a graduate course at Dartmouth this summer on the subject of practical wisdom. He, along with a fellow Swarthmore professor, Barry Schwartz , wrote a book on the subject in which the section on education features Strafford’s own outstanding teacher Joey Hawkins. Come and share in this unique opportunity and learn a bit of practical wisdom with Professor Sharpe! **Please note: This is the 4th Sunday of the month!**



Thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers for helping us make our Mardi Gras Fundraiser a Big Success! Proceeds are going toward the restoration of the beautiful stained glass windows in our historic church across from Barrett Hall in South Strafford.